Keg Sales

We have two convenient locations for all of your keg needs.

Columbus Distributing

Drive Thru Keg Sales

Hours of Operation
Monday – Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday – Friday: noon – 5pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm

*for safety purposes, please remain in vehicle and an employee will approach you to take your order*

Delmar Distributing

Keg Sales

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Keg sale entrance off State Rt. 47 – Follow signs

Both keg and package beer are available for purchase through our Drive Thru Keg Sales.


1/2 Barrel = approximately 165 – 12oz. beers

13.2 Gallon = approximately 140 – 12oz. beers (select brands)

1/4 Barrel = approximately 83 – 12oz. beers

1/6 Barrel = approximately 55 – 12oz. beers

Equipment Deposits and Returns


$30 deposit per Keg
FULL refund upon return (with receipt)


$50 deposit per Tub
$45 refund upon return (with receipt)


$50 deposit per Tap
$45 refund upon return (with receipt)

CO2: $75 for a new tank, $21.50 for refills *Columbus location only*
22 lb. bag of ice: $4.00 *Columbus location only*
Sleeve of 50 cups: $3.00

Please keep ALL receipts, as they are needed for all deposit refunds.
There is no time limit for keg/rental item returns.
No reservations on kegs.

Prices listed below are subject to change and do not include deposits. Prices are for consumers that do not have a liquor permit and prices do not include sales tax. *brands listed are subject to availability*

Alaskan AmberAlt Style Amber Ale5.3%$193.75-$81.25
Alaskan Smoked PorterPorter6.5%--$118.75
Breckenridge Vanilla PorterPorter5.4%$187.50-$77.50
Bud LightLight Lager4.2%$140.00$85.00-
Bud SelectLager4.3%$140.00--
BudweiserAmerican Style Lager5.0%$115.00-$50.63
Busch LightLight Lager4.1%$112.50--
Elysian Space DustIPA--$81.88
FranziskanerWeissebier5.0%-$198.75 (13.2 gal)-
Golden Road Mango CartMango Wheat Ale4.0%$185.65-$81.80
Goose Island IPAIPA5.9%$163.75-$71.25
Goose Island Next CoastIPA7.0%$163.75-$71.25
Goose Island SPF$163.75--
HoegaardenWitbier4.9%-$198.75 (13.2 Gal)-
Kirin IchibanJapanese Style Premium Lager5.0%$175.00--
Kona Big Wave Blonde AleBlonde Ale4.4%$162.50-$75.00
Kona Longboard LagerLager4.6%$162.50-$75.00
Land-Grant Lemon GlowCitrus Pale Ale$225.00-$100.00
Land-Grant Oh SureIPA$206.25-$87.50
Landshark LagerLager4.7%$162.50-$75.00
Michelob Amber Bock$162.50--
Michelob UltraLight Lager4.2%$150.00-$70.00
Platform Apple Series$225.00-$100.00
Platform PreemLager$150.00--
Platform Exclusive Taproom Release--$112.50
Platform Haze JudeHazy IPA$218.75-$93.75
Platform Small Batch IPA SeriesIPA$218.75-$93.75
Platform Sour SeriesSour$212.50-$87.50
Platform Special Seasonal$237.50-$112.50
Platform Speed MerchantIPA6.6%$187.50-$75.00
Shock TopBelgian White5.2%$162.50-$75.00
Stella ArtoisBelgian Lager5.0%-$173.75 (13.2 gal)$78.75
Sullivan's Irish RedRed Ale$162.50 (30L)
Yuengling FlightLight Lager4.2%$140.00$82.50-
Yuengling LagerLager4.5%$140.00$82.50-