Keg Sales

Columbus Distributing

Drive Thru Keg Sales

Hours of Operation
Thursday – Friday: 12pm – 5pm

Saturday: 8am – 12pm

Closed December 24th, 26th, 31st, and January 2nd

Please be advised that all sales will be processed through Debit or Credit card

Keg Sales at 4949 Freeway Drive, follow the signs to entrance

Kegged beer only available for purchase, *limited draft menu options*

Delmar Distributing

Keg Sales

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Please be advised that all sales will be processed through Debit or Credit card

Delmar Keg sales is not a drive thru, please park in guest parking lot.

Keg Sales door is located off Route 47 entrance -Follow the signs

Please ring buzzer for service and for your safety please stay behind counter. No customers are allowed in the warehouse.

Both kegged and cased beer available for purchase


4 Keg limit per person

1/2 Barrel = approximately 165 – 12oz. beers

13.2 Gallon = approximately 140 – 12oz. beers (select brands)

1/4 Barrel = approximately 83 – 12oz. beers

1/6 Barrel = approximately 55 – 12oz. beers

Equipment Deposits and Returns


$30 deposit per Keg
FULL refund upon return (with receipt)


$70 deposit per Tub (Keg purchase required)
$55 refund upon return (with receipt)


$75 deposit per Tap
$50 refund upon return (with receipt)

CO2: $125 for a new tank, $25 for refills *Columbus location only*
22 lb. bag of ice: $5.00 *Columbus location only*
Sleeve of 50 cups: $6.00

There is no time limit for keg/rental item returns. Limit on Kegs is 4 Kegs/Person. No reservations on kegs.

Pricing is subject to change and does not include deposits or sales tax. The below pricing is for consumers that do not have a liquor permit. *brands listed are subject to availability*

Permit holders will need to bring a physical copy of their liquor license if picking up product.

If you have a Temporary F-Permit, you will need an account setup. Please send your information over at least 48 hours prior to pickup.