Check out our newest and upcoming additions to our brand portfolio including our craft, specialty, and seasonal brands.

Golden Road Champango

Champango tastes like a blend of Golden Road’s famous Mango Cart Wheat Ale with your favorite Champagne. Inspired by mimosas, It’s weekend Brunch in a glass! ABV: 6.5%

Land-Grant Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices is a super juicy pale ale that packs more candied citrus flavor than a whole bag fruit from the corner store, and all we had to add were hops. Lead in with grapefruit aromatics and finish up with the orange-forward punch of Mosaic, Amarillo, and Centennial hops. ABV: 5.6% | IBU: 35

Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold

The first full time addition to the Budweiser Reserve family is Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold. This is an extra-smooth golden lager crafted with nitro, 100% American grains, and caramel malt. Smaller, denser nitro bubbles make this an extra-smooth drinking experience with a creamy head and silky-smooth finish. ABV: 5%

Kona Light Blonde Ale

Kona Light is a smooth, easy-drinking light beer with just 99 calories and crisp tropical flavor that captures the golden moment of island life in every sip for any beach, backyard – or wherever you decide to wind down. ABV: 4.2% | IBU: 18

Kona Island Colada Cream Ale

Kona Island Colada Cream Ale is inspired by the Pina Colada and brewed with real coconut & pineapple. Find your Aloha with this limited edition release. ABV: 6% | IBU:25

Natty Light Seltzer House Rules

Joining it’s Natty Seltzer siblings, Aloha Beaches and Catalina Lime Mixer, House Rules is an irresistible blend of strawberry kiwi flavor with 6% ABV.

Budweiser Zero

Budweiser Zero is an alcohol free brew with the taste of Budweiser at only 50 calories and zero grams of sugar. Budweiser Zero is made for consumers who are looking to cut back on alcohol, but still want the refreshment of a Budweiser.

Bud Light Lemonade

Bud Light Lemonade is brewed with real lemon peels and a splash of lemonade. It is crisp and refreshing, with a fun twist of flavor and fresh squeezed taste that’s not too tart and not too sweet.

FLIGHT by Yuengling

Raise the bar with the next generation of light beer. FLIGHT by Yuengling is an easy drinking, clean, crisp, and refreshing lager with only 95 calories, 2.6g carbs, and an ABV of 4.2%.


Zero sugar and zero calories, G FUEL is ketone enhanced for stress reduction, boosted endurance, and enhanced focus and thought processing. It features a S7 Antioxidant complex containing Turmeric, Green Tea, Kale, Broccoli, and Blueberry extracts. Available in Fazeberry, Rainbow Sherbert, Sour Cherry, Blue Ice, and Black on Blackberry.

Platform Basic

Platform Basic is an American Lager that features a collision of old and new world hops. Cold fermented with lager yeast originating from a 14th century German brewery, this easy-drinking lager hits subtle notes of cereal, floral, and soft spice. ABV: 4.6% | IBU: 22

Land-Grant Spring Quarter

Land-Grant’s Spring Quarter Belgian Blonde helps you get in the springtime state of mind by delivering a subtle spice and easy drinking refreshment. It’s the perfect companion for a day in the sun. ABV: 6.6% | IBU: 17


Based out of San Diego, California, Cutwater crafts these canned cocktails so you have the ability to enjoy a great cocktail in the places you want to be whether it’s fishing, tailgating, hiking, or a backyard barbecue.

Platform Gym Day

Platform’s Gym Day is a sensational low-cal IPA is packed full of fruity flavors. Expect notes of papaya, citrus and melon. 3.8% ABV | 30 IBU

Bud Light Seltzer

Brewed w/ a unique 5-step filtration process that ensures a clean finish w/ no aftertaste Bud Light Seltzer includes the highest quality ingredients like sparkling water, real cane sugar, & natural fruit flavor. Available in black cherry, strawberry, lemon lime, & mango, Bud Light Seltzers are gluten free and have <1g of sugar. ABV: 5%

Elysian Contact Haze

Elysian Contact Haze is a tangled chemistry of mild haze, low bitterness, and an explosion of hop aroma. Bursts of bright raspberry, currant, citrus, guava, and passionfruit, with a slight floral note. ABV: 6.0% | IBU: 39

Goose Island So-Lo

Big on hops. Low on calories. Beautifully balanced. So-Lo is a low calorie, full bodied IPA with a big aroma of citrus and herbal aroma notes and a nice balanced bitterness. 98 calories. ABV: 3.0% | IBU: 23